Williams Rocks!

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Williams Rocks!


John Williams won TCC’s August 2020 Tuesday Knighter tournament with a fine score of 7-1. His reputation of class and strength continues to solidify itself in TCC history. TCC also congratulates Pedro Valdericeda and Josh Perez for splitting the under 1600 performance prize.

Pedro Valdericeda (left) put up a titanic defensive effort against John in round 8 that played down into an opposite colored bishop endgame, but alas John’s two pass pawns and active King pressed home for the full point.

Dereck Williams looks on in the foreground. Many-time winner Marius and Sorin observe in the background.

The ongoing saga of our flagship tournament continues! In September, TCC looks forward to more great stories with 10 rounds of action scheduled, two USCF-rated G/45 rounds each Tuesday night.

NOTE: TCC will not have a 10-player maximum but all other Covid-19 rules will be enforced.

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