Lucan Awarded Fischer Prize

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Lucan Awarded Fischer Prize


For his perfect 10-0 score in TCC #84 against exceptional chess players, TCC awarded Marius Lucan with a beautiful Bobby Fischer trophy. Congratulations Marius.

L to R: Coach Paschal, Marius Lucan, NM Vadim Kudryavtsev


Emilio Pruga

October 16, 2020at 7:46 pm

When is the next tournament starting please?

Marius Gabriel Lucan

October 14, 2020at 7:16 pm

Temecula Chess Club is the first chess club that I started to attend since we came in US in 2016. Since then I am honored to be a member of this select club, and I always enjoy playing here. The strength of each player if phenomenal and if you don’t play very focused you may lose with any of them. I consider Temecula Chess Club a special place for my development as an individual and as a chess player!
I want to thank all the players for the opportunity to learn from them and improve my own games and style!

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