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Lucan Strikes Again


With a score of 7-1, an undefeated Marius Lucan won TCC 94 a full two points ahead of the field. Luis Andrade won the Best Under 1600 prize with a score of 5-3. This 8-round Swiss event had a record 22 players and ended July 27. Complete standings are here.

Marius annotated the following exciting game that featured a Queen sac.

If the above viewer does not work you can view the game here.

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Another 1st for Evan Zhao


With an undefeated score of 3.5-0.5, Evan Zhao won clear first place in the first Junior Joust of the Summer season. The 15-player, 4SS was held on July 10, 2021.

Complete standings here.

Sixteen games from the top four boards here.

More pictures here.

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Lucan Tops TCC93


In perhaps the biggest Tuesday nighter ever, Marius Lucan came out on top once again with an undefeated score of 8.5-1.5. Luis Andrade won the best under 1600 prize with a 6-4 score. The 23-player, 10-round G/45 event had three Experts and one A-player. It finished on June 30, 2021. Complete standings are here.

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Kudryavtsev Crushes TCC92


With a perfect 8-0 score, National Master Vadim Kudryavtsev clobbered the TCC92 field and won first place by 3 points. Pedro Valdericeda won the best under 1600 prize on 2.5-7.5. The 8-round G/45 event ended on May 25, 2021. Complete standings are here.

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