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Lucan Tops TCC93


In perhaps the biggest Tuesday nighter ever, Marius Lucan came out on top once again with an undefeated score of 8.5-1.5. Luis Andrade won the best under 1600 prize with a 6-4 score. The 23-player, 10-round G/45 event had three Experts and one A-player. It finished on June 30, 2021. Complete standings are here.

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Kudryavtsev Crushes TCC92


With a perfect 8-0 score, National Master Vadim Kudryavtsev clobbered the TCC92 field and won first place by 3 points. Pedro Valdericeda won the best under 1600 prize on 2.5-7.5. The 8-round G/45 event ended on May 25, 2021. Complete standings are here.

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Evan Zhao Triumphs


With a score of 4-1 in regular play and 2-1 in playoff blitz games, Evan Zhao came out on top in the Spring Junior Joust Finals. It was a hard fought day with some great chess played. Dennis Zhao, also with 4-1 in regular play, came in second after losing in the third game of Blitz playoff games. Wynn Marple placed third after scoring 3-2 in regular play and 1-0 in a Blitz playoff game. The 9-player spring season finale was held on June 26, 2021.

Complete standings here.

Games here.

Pictures here.

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Coach’s Corner #1


They say that one of the best ways to improve your chess skill is to go over your games. Unfortunately, most of the Junior Joust games are not recorded because of the fast time control. But, the good news is that TCC’s DGT boards and software not only let us broadcast the games on the big screen, they let us capture the game scores.

Below you will find 16 of the JJ games played last Saturday, June 12, 2021. I have lightly annotated all 16 games with the help of Stockfish 11. Hopefully, by reviewing these annotated games you can pick up some chess tips to improve your game.

I also looked for patterns.

On the positive side, the opening play was very good. Most games followed a book line for awhile. We had several Scandinavians, Ruy Lopez’s, Two Knights, Four Knights, and a few Queen Pawn openings. We even had a Fried Liver Attack. Most games saw both players Castling early, a very good thing. It seems to me that only a few games were lost due to lack of opening knowledge. Overall, time management was very good: I don’t recall seeing one game flag, at least on the top boards.

On the need-to-improve side, there were many outright hung pieces, and three hung Queens. There were three back rank self mates, and three missed mate in ones. Of course, it is painful when we make these kind of mistakes. And, we all make them, especially in fast games. But, these errors are correctable by doing a safety check before you move. “Sit on your hands” as we have been coached, and for good reason. As expected, there were many missed tactics. Many were one- or two-move combinations. While it takes more work to hone this skill, it can be done. And, the answer is to do chess puzzles every day.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy the games as much as I did.

Chris Roberts

View on iPhone here.

Alternative game viewer here that may display better on a smart phone.

PS. The viewer has a chess engine that you can enable by clicking on the following icon:

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Monday Night Blitz No. 1


Codte Ziegler won the first Monday night Blitz event with a perfect 6-0 score. The 6-round event attracted 14 players. Complete standings below.

No. Name ID Rating Post Perf Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5 Rnd6 Total
1 Ziegler, Codte 16772664 1008 1432 1786 W9 W6 W3 W2 W4 W10 6.0
2 Gay, Paschal 13957220 1700 1671 1469 W10 W7 W4 L1 L3 W11 4.0
3 Adams, Mark 12823205 1682 1658 1504 W5 W12 L1 W8 W2 L4 4.0
4 Walley, Joe 30101101 1609 1597 1452 W14 W8 L2 W10 L1 W3 4.0
5 Flores, Josue 30165722 Unr 1323 1282 L3 L10 W14 W6 W11 W8 4.0
6 Lin, Yunhan 17007682 1121 1101 1043 L12 L1 W9 L5 W14 W13 3.0
7 Duarte, Free 30122599 Unr 1068 1101 W13 L2 L10 W11 L8 W14 3.0
8 Zhang, Benny 17156784 Unr 1275 1275 W11 L4 W12 L3 W7 L5 3.0
9 Zhao, Dennis 16750382 Unr 992 996 L1 L11 L6 W14 W13 W12 3.0
10 Zhao, Evan 16750382 Unr 1353 1353 L2 W5 W7 L4 W12 L1 3.0
11 Williams, Dereck 13428836 949 967 1065 L8 W9 W13 L7 L5 L2 2.0
12 Duarte, Truth 30122607 Unr 1009 1049 W6 L3 L8 W13 L10 L9 2.0
13 Beck, Avery tbd Unr 723 724 L7 W14 L11 L12 L9 L6 1.0
14 Liu, Carrey 17308013 Unr 399 763 L4 L13 L5 L9 L6 L7 0.0

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Lucan Tops TCC91


With an undefeated score of 7.5-0.5, Marius Gabriel Lucan won clear first place in TCC91. The 16-player Swiss ended April 27. Joe Walley had an outstanding tournament scoring 7-1 surpassing many higher-rated players. In the last round, Lucan’s Black King survived a fierce seven-piece attack (both Bishops, Knights, Rooks and the Queen) by TD Paschal Gay. His last round win clinched the tournament win. Complete standings here.

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Lucan and Walley

Lucan Dominates TCC90


Marius Lucan dominated the March TCC90 Tuesday nighter with an impressive 9.5-0.5, winning first place by two points. The 10-round 14-player Swiss ended March 30, 2021. Lucan gave up only one draw in the last round to runner-up John Williams (not pictured) who finished with 7.5-1.5. Joe Walley won the Best Under 1600 prize with a score of 5.5-4.5. Complete standings are here.

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Lee Repeats


Brandon Lee won his second consecutive Junior Joust season finals with a 4-1 score. The 5-round 9-player event was held on March 27, 2021. Brandon becomes only the second 2-time Junior Joust champion in the tournament’s 2.5 year history. 💪💪 Gavin Ebreo, who also finished at 4-1, put him to the test both in their regular round 3 match-up and their tie breaker blitz game to settle the prize. Ryan Archer and the Duarte brothers (Truth and Free) were unable to attend due to schedule conflicts but we look forward to seeing them continue to assert themselves into the mix in the Spring season, which starts in 2 weeks. Complete standings here.

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Lucan Annotates


Here is Lucan’s round two win from TCC90 played on March 2 annotated by Marius:

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Wang Tops TCC89


With an outstanding undefeated score of 7.5-0.5, Isaac Wang took clear first place in TCC89. Joe Walley captured the under 1600 prize, which seems to get more competitive each month, with a score of 5.5-2.5. The 8-round Swiss ended February 23. Complete standings here.

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