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Zhao starts the year with a perfect 4.0

Dennis Zhao won the first JUnior Joust of the year with a perfect 4-0 score. The 4-round 14-player event was held on January 8, 2022. Compete standings here. Games here. Pictures here.

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Lucan finishes strong

Marius Lucan won TCC99 with a score of 6.5-1.5. The 16-player 8-round G/45 Swiss ended December 28, 2021. Complete standings here. This win, on top of his winning TCC97 and TCC98, closed out the year with a strong finish. A recap of the year shows that Lucan won nine of the twelve Tuesday-nighter tournaments, a

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Fall JJ Starts With 4-Way Tie

The Fall Junior Joust series kicked off with a hard-fought 4-way tie for first place. With a score of 3.0-1.0, Sahan Doraiswamy, Avery Beck, Benny Zhang, and Carrey Liu all tied for first place in the Fall Junior Joust No. 1. Liu won his first three games and looked like he would win the event.

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Williams Tops Strong TCC96 Field

With an excellent score of 6.5-1.5, veteran player John W. Williams won clear first place over a large, strong field. Ever-improving Evan Zhao, rated only 1100, won the best under 1600 prize with a score of 4.5-3.5. The 8-round, 23-player, G/45 event ended on September 28, 2021. Complete standings are here. Eight games from the

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Coach’s Corner #2

They say that one of the best ways to improve your chess skill is to go over your games, especially those pesky losses. Fortunately, TCC’s DGT boards and software not only let us broadcast the games on the big screen, which everyone seems too enjoy, they let us capture the game scores. Below you will

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Antonio Wins Summer Finals

Lorenzo Antonio won the Junior Joust Summer series finals with a score of 4.0-1.0 and a tiebreak Blitz win over Wynn Marple. The 5-round 13-player G/15 invitational Swiss was held on September 25, 2021. Complete standings are here. Games here. Pictures here.

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Lucan Perfect Again

With a perfect 10-0 score, Marius Lucan walloped the TCC 95 field and won first place by two full points. Ezekiel Vannoy won the best under 1600 prize with a fine score of 6-4. The 10-round G/45 event ended on August 31, 2021. Complete standings are here.

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Zhao 1st After Clutch Win

With a score of 3.5-0.5, veteran jouster Dennis Zhao won first place in the Summer No. 4 Junior Joust. Zhao, who was trailing the leader by half a point after three rounds, won a critical last round 75-move thriller deliivering checkmate with only two seconds on the clock. Very exciting. The 4-round G/15 Swiss was

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Marple Perfect in JJ Summer 3

Wynn Marple scored a perfect 4-0 to win clear first place in Junior Joust Summer No. 3. The 18-player 4-round Swiss was held on Saturday August 14, 2021. Complete standings here. Games here. Pictures here.

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Lucan Strikes Again

With a score of 7-1, an undefeated Marius Lucan won TCC 94 a full two points ahead of the field. Luis Andrade won the Best Under 1600 prize with a score of 5-3. This 8-round Swiss event had a record 22 players and ended July 27. Complete standings are here. Marius annotated the following exciting

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Another 1st for Evan Zhao

With an undefeated score of 3.5-0.5, Evan Zhao won clear first place in the first Junior Joust of the Summer season. The 15-player, 4SS was held on July 10, 2021. Complete standings here. Sixteen games from the top four boards here. More pictures here.

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Lucan Tops TCC93

In perhaps the biggest Tuesday nighter ever, Marius Lucan came out on top once again with an undefeated score of 8.5-1.5. Luis Andrade won the best under 1600 prize with a 6-4 score. The 23-player, 10-round G/45 event had three Experts and one A-player. It finished on June 30, 2021. Complete standings are here.

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Kudryavtsev Crushes TCC92

With a perfect 8-0 score, National Master Vadim Kudryavtsev clobbered the TCC92 field and won first place by 3 points. Pedro Valdericeda won the best under 1600 prize on 2.5-7.5. The 8-round G/45 event ended on May 25, 2021. Complete standings are here.

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Evan Zhao Triumphs

With a score of 4-1 in regular play and 2-1 in playoff blitz games, Evan Zhao came out on top in the Spring Junior Joust Finals. It was a hard fought day with some great chess played. Dennis Zhao, also with 4-1 in regular play, came in second after losing in the third game of

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Coach’s Corner #1

They say that one of the best ways to improve your chess skill is to go over your games. Unfortunately, most of the Junior Joust games are not recorded because of the fast time control. But, the good news is that TCC’s DGT boards and software not only let us broadcast the games on the

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Monday Night Blitz No. 1

Codte Ziegler won the first Monday night Blitz event with a perfect 6-0 score. The 6-round event attracted 14 players. Complete standings below. No. Name ID Rating Post Perf Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5 Rnd6 Total 1 Ziegler, Codte 16772664 1008 1432 1786 W9 W6 W3 W2 W4 W10 6.0 2 Gay, Paschal 13957220 1700

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Lucan Tops TCC91

With an undefeated score of 7.5-0.5, Marius Gabriel Lucan won clear first place in TCC91. The 16-player Swiss ended April 27. Joe Walley had an outstanding tournament scoring 7-1 surpassing many higher-rated players. In the last round, Lucan’s Black King survived a fierce seven-piece attack (both Bishops, Knights, Rooks and the Queen) by TD Paschal

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New: Monday Blitz

Alrighty guys, it’s official. For the month of May we will be holding Monday night blitz tournaments. They will start at 6pm and be 6 rounds of G/5+3 rated. Open to all ages. $10 entry fee. 50% of all entry fees go to first place cash prize. We are going to try it for 1

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Lucan and Walley

Lucan Dominates TCC90

Marius Lucan dominated the March TCC90 Tuesday nighter with an impressive 9.5-0.5, winning first place by two points. The 10-round 14-player Swiss ended March 30, 2021. Lucan gave up only one draw in the last round to runner-up John Williams (not pictured) who finished with 7.5-1.5. Joe Walley won the Best Under 1600 prize with

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Lee Repeats

Brandon Lee won his second consecutive Junior Joust season finals with a 4-1 score. The 5-round 9-player event was held on March 27, 2021. Brandon becomes only the second 2-time Junior Joust champion in the tournament’s 2.5 year history. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ Gavin Ebreo, who also finished at 4-1, put him to the test both in their

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Lucan Annotates

Here is Lucan’s round two win from TCC90 played on March 2 annotated by Marius: ο»Ώ

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Wang Tops TCC89

With an outstanding undefeated score of 7.5-0.5, Isaac Wang took clear first place in TCC89. Joe Walley captured the under 1600 prize, which seems to get more competitive each month, with a score of 5.5-2.5. The 8-round Swiss ended February 23. Complete standings here.

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Lucan Corrals Iron Horse

Marius Lucan is a living legend of Temecula Chess Club. An outstanding and vibrant personality to go with undeniable skill at the board. No one scored more points at TCC than he did in 2020.

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Free Sweeps

Free swept Junior Joust Winter #2 with a perfect 4-0 score. With this performance, he clinched a seat in the Winter Finals in his first TCC event. The 11-player event was held on Feb. 13. This JJ saw an influx of new talent that shook things up dramatically. Ugandan brothers Truth and Free, as well

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Lucan Tops TCC88

Marius Lucan topped the field in TCC No. 88 with a score of 5-1. Tzvi Bar finished 2nd with 4.5-1.5 and was the only player able to win against Kettering. Kainoa Kettering β€” rated only 1080 β€” won the under 1600 prize with a fine score of 4-2. The 14-player event ended January 26. Complete

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Brandon Lee Sweeps

With a perfect 4-0 score, Brandon Lee swept the field on Jan. 9 and became the Junior Joust Fall 2020 champion. He also joined the 1000 Club. The 7-player 4-round Swiss was held on Jan. 9. Congratulations for a job well done!

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Action at TCC

Here is some recent action at the club.

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Good Sized Free Play Day

We had a good sized free play day Monday. New faces are trickling in and familiar ones are making them feel welcome.

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Lucan & Kudryavtsev Top TCC87

Marius Lucan and Vadim Kudryavtsev topped the field in TCC No. 87 with a score of 6.5-1.5. Joshua Perez and and Jacob Wang shared the under 1600 prize with a score of 4-4. The 11-player event ended December 29. This month all rounds had a G/30+5 seconds time control due to new Covid-19 curfew restrictions

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Lucan & Roods Top Field

Marius Lucan and Scott Roods shared top honors in TCC No. 86 with a score of 6-1. Michael Bascon took the under 1600 prize with a score of 4-3. The 12-player event ended November 24. This month was more predictable than October, except for the games of 7-year-old Jacob Wang who made his first appearance

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Lucan Awarded Fischer Prize

For his perfect 10-0 score in TCC #84 against exceptional chess players, TCC awarded Marius Lucan with a beautiful Bobby Fischer trophy. Congratulations Marius.

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Lucan’s Romp is a 10

With a perfect score of 10-0, Marius Lucan won clear first place in TCC No. 84 by 1.5 points. The 10-round Swiss ended Sept. 29. NM Vadim Kudryavtsev was runner-up at 8.5-1.5. Here is a game from the event:

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Arnold Sweeps JJ Finals

Lily Arnold scored a perfect 4-0 in the Summer 2020 Junior Joust Finals. Her impressive performance earned her clear first place by a full point. Runners-up at 3-0 were Brandon Yu, Gavin Ebreo, and Lily’s sister Hannah Arnold. The 4-round Swiss was held on September 26, 2020.

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Williams Rocks!

John Williams won TCC’s August 2020 Tuesday Knighter tournament with a fine score of 7-1. His reputation of class and strength continues to solidify itself in TCC history. TCC also congratulates Pedro Valdericeda and Josh Perez for splitting the under 1600 performance prize. Pedro Valdericeda (left) put up a titanic defensive effort against John in

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TCC Needs Your Help

TCC is looking to supplement its income while it bridges the gap into a better tomorrow. If there’s anything any of you would like to and are able to contribute to our nonprofit club, TCC would greatly appreciate it. TCC uses what it has to help its community through the game we love and it’s

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Lucan Continues Streak

With a score of 7-1, Marius Lucan once again won clear first place in TCC No. 82 that finished July 28. His only loss was to state championship contender Byran Shapiro, MD, who topped the field in terms of rating. This was TCC’s second Tuesday night Swiss since re-opening since closing for a few months

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Yu Tops 1st Summer Joust

The Summer 2020 Junior Joust series has begun. Brandon Yu took first place with a perfect 4-0 score. Giovanna Bascon got 2-2, Max Bascon got 1.5-2.5 and first-timer Malachi Stiles got 0.5-3.5. This was a small 4-round Swiss which featured some very exciting games. Malachi Stiles vs. Max Bascon in round two was a back

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TCC Vote Chess Match vs North County

TCC is playing a “vote chess” match vs. the North County Chess Club. Check out the game here.

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TCC Closed due to Covid-19

TCC will be closing for awhile starting today March 17. The closure is temporary and we will keep you posted as to when the club will re-open.

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March of Queens Postponed

Unfortunately, the March of Queens tournament scheduled for Saturday March 21 will have to be rescheduled. There have been some withdrawals due to health concerns and a scheduling conflict for our main staff member as well. We will keep you informed as we look for a new suitable weekend for it.

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Yu is Perfect in Winter #2

With a perfect score of 4-0, Brandon Yu won clear first place in the 14-player 4SS Junior Joust Winter No. 2 event. Second place was Dennis Zhao at 3.5-0.5, and there was a tie for 3rd place at 3.0-1.0 between Sahan Doraiswamy and Gavin Ebreo. The event was held Jan. 25, 2020. Junior Jousts are

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Amy Lin tops Junior Joust Fall Finals

  With a score of 4-1 and a winning tiebreak Blitz game, Amy Lin secured the title of 2019 Junior Joust Fall Finals Champion. Second at 4-1 was Evan Zhao, and third place was Brandon Yu at 3.5-1.5. Congratulations to these winners, and also to the other seven contestants who worked hard to earn a

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Lucan wins another TCC Tuesday nighter

Expert Marius Lucan continued his streak last night by winning another Tuesday night G/45 Swiss at the Temecula Chess Club. This makes six in a row. Congratulations to Marius who is pictured above with Dennis and Evan Zhao. Complete standings are here. Games from rounds 5 and 6 are here.

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Lucan Wins Fifth in a Row

Marius Lucan continued his streak of winning events at TCC with a perfect score of 8/8 in this month’s G/45 event every Tuesday night. This makes five months in a row that he has topped the Tuesday Nighters. Who can stop this juggernaut?

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Two More Qualify for the Fall Junior Joust Finals

Based on performances in the first four Fall Junior Joust events, eight players are now qualified. Joining the six that were already qualified are Ethan Bennett and Gavin Ebreo. Congratulations all. Complete Fall Junior Joust standings here .

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Three More Qualify For Fall Junior Joust Finals

Players accumulate points in the Junior Joust Series with the goal of qualifying for the Junior Joust Finals. Based on performances in the first three Fall Junior Joust events, six players are now qualified. Joining the three that were already qualified are Steven Prigoda, Brandon Yu and Christopher Lee. Congratulations all. Steven Prigoda Christopher Lee

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TCC Jousters Win Club match!

For only the second time in five years, the TCC Junior Jousters beat the 4s club in a match yesterday. Coach Paschal announced that Amy Lin was MVP for TCC as she won all four of her games on board one of the B Squad. TCC will keep the perpetual trophy until the next match.

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US Chess video: Kid Chess Champions Share Their Secrets

Kid Chess Champions Share Their Secrets

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SCCF State Championship Returns to Temecula

The Southern California Chess Federation State Championship returned to Temecula July 11 through 14. Our new state champion is Robert Shlyakhtenko. Complete results, games and photos here.

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Junior Joust Summer Recap After Five Events

  27-Jul 10-Aug 24-Aug 31-Aug 14-Sep     Player Summer 1 Summer 2 Summer 3 Summer 4 Summer 5 Total Qualified? Zhao, Dennis 0.0 3.0 4.0 3.0 2.0 12.0 Yes Prigoda, Steven 2.0 1.5 3.0 3.0 1.0 10.5 Yes Zhao, Evan 0.0 3.0 2.0 2.0 2.5 9.5 Yes Lin, Amy 3.0 3.0 2.0 0.0 1.0

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GM Larry Christiansen Lecture and Simul

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Update: TCC is very excited to announce that GM Larry Christiansen will be in town on Sept. 26 and visiting TCC! Flyer attached.

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What Our Clients Say

My Kids love it here! Always feel welcome and Coach Paschal is the best! He makes it a very fun and friendly environment. My kids have learned So much! He brings his skills, passion for the game and brings out the best in everyone!

My kids love it here!

( Robin Bennett )

Temecula Chess Club is a chess wonderland. In my 30 plus years of playing chess, I have never seen a more inviting place to play chess. The staff is friendly and courteous and the club has the best coaching, equipment, books, videos and more to offer an aspiring player. This club frequently hosts Chess Grandmaster Silmutaneous Exhibitions to include visits from GM Larry Christiansen, GM Varuzhan Akobian, and GM Melik Khachiyan. TCC is a non profit organization that is committed to serving its community and surrounding areas with chess education and enjoyment!

Temecula Chess Club is a chess wonderland

( Scott Roods )

I have a schedule change at work coming soon and can't wait to Tuesday evenings at the club on a regular basis again. Best club I've ever attended and continues to get better.

Best club I’ve ever attended

( Gary Sisson )

Masters and Grand Masters are found here. Great place to improve my play and great people to have as friend and comrades!

Great place to improve

( Larry Morley )

I've been in 6-8 chess clubs in my life and the only one I'd be willing to travel 40 minutes to on a semi-consistent basis is the Temecula Chess Club. They have friendly staff, strong and friendly people, excellent equipment (which is provided to players for free), and a strong community vibe.

They have friendly staff, excellent equipment, and a strong community vibe

( David Dashoff )

It is an opportunity to play challenging games with highly rated players in a quiet and safe environment. If you need help there are players who can teach you and help your rating go up. Technical support is also available if you need access to data bases and / or learning aids. Friendly players from all walks of life and all age groups are at the Temecula chess club to make your chess experience a great one. You owe it to yourself to come on in and play. Bring a friend!

An opportunity to play challenging games

( Lawrence Popplewell )

My kids have fun going there. They’ve learned so much.

My kids have fun going there

( Megan Linh Thai-Yu )

- Very professional chess club - Enforcing the laws of chess in tournaments - Very friendly chess environment - Very nice club, facilities and location - Lots of events, including the CA state Championship, this year - Very knowledgeable personnel - Digital boards and broadcasting for the first boards in classic tournaments. - Top chess instructors in the area.

Very professional chess club

( Rialto Chess Club )

My son was invited to a tournament that took place at the club on a weekend. He had a great time and was focused and critically thinking for hours straight - by choice - while the Xbox gathered dust. It was amazing. Definitely love the Temecula Chess Club!

My son had a great time

( Casi Mayo )


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