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Lucan Tops TCC91


With an undefeated score of 7.5-0.5, Marius Gabriel Lucan won clear first place in TCC91. The 16-player Swiss ended April 27. Joe Walley had an outstanding tournament scoring 7-1 surpassing many higher-rated players. In the last round, Lucan’s Black King survived a fierce seven-piece attack (both Bishops, Knights, Rooks and the Queen) by TD Paschal Gay. His last round win clinched the tournament win. Complete standings here.

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New: Monday Blitz


Alrighty guys, it’s official. For the month of May we will be holding Monday night blitz tournaments.

They will start at 6pm and be 6 rounds of G/5+3 rated. Open to all ages. $10 entry fee. 50% of all entry fees go to first place cash prize.

We are going to try it for 1 month and see how it goes, if it’s popular it will continue beyond that.


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Lucan and Walley

Lucan Dominates TCC90


Marius Lucan dominated the March TCC90 Tuesday nighter with an impressive 9.5-0.5, winning first place by two points. The 10-round 14-player Swiss ended March 30, 2021. Lucan gave up only one draw in the last round to runner-up John Williams (not pictured) who finished with 7.5-1.5. Joe Walley won the Best Under 1600 prize with a score of 5.5-4.5. Complete standings are here.

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Lee Repeats


Brandon Lee won his second consecutive Junior Joust season finals with a 4-1 score. The 5-round 9-player event was held on March 27, 2021. Brandon becomes only the second 2-time Junior Joust champion in the tournament’s 2.5 year history. 💪💪 Gavin Ebreo, who also finished at 4-1, put him to the test both in their regular round 3 match-up and their tie breaker blitz game to settle the prize. Ryan Archer and the Duarte brothers (Truth and Free) were unable to attend due to schedule conflicts but we look forward to seeing them continue to assert themselves into the mix in the Spring season, which starts in 2 weeks. Complete standings here.

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