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Roster for April 16th team match set


TCC’s roster for the April 16th team match is complete and posted below.

Also, there will not be an unrated section in the team match, so it will be only 12 vs. 12 in 4 rounds of G/15. It is a lot to ask of our guests to find four players willing to make the drive for only one unrated game.

Final roster for TCC vs SDCC (April 16th, 2pm)

A squad
-Kireeti Yarlagadda
-Avery Beck
-Dennis Zhao
-Evan Zhao

B squad
-Beau Ritter
-Khai West
-C.J. Slade
-Ethan Bennett

C squad
-Carrey Liu
-Benny Zhang
-Colin Slowbe

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Winter JJ ends with 4-way tie


The Winter Junior Joust series ended with a hard-fought 4-way tie for first place. With a score of 3.0-1.0, Ethan Bennett, Carrey Liu, Benny Zhang, and Surya Yarlagadda all tied for first place in the Winter Junior Joust No. 5. The 12-player 4-round G/15 Swiss was held on March 12, 2021.

Complete standings are here.

Games here.

Pictures here.

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